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QuickBooks Training

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AMS Office Solutions provides QuickBooks training based on your needs and your budget.

Learn by doing – not by watching! We show you how and then watch while you take the keyboard. Your business is unique. Why take a class with people who have different situations and skill sets when you can get individualized assistance.

QuickBooks Training – 
We work with you and your staff to teach you how to use QuickBooks every day – for the areas of QuickBooks you need to know to be successful. We are certified in every edition of QuickBooks. QuickBooks training topics include:
• Creating invoices and receiving payment
• Syncing to your bank and credit card accounts
• How to work with bills
• Purchase orders and inventory control
• Job costing
• How to work with payroll in QuickBooks
• Creating reports
• Bank reconciliations
• Just about anything else you need from QuickBooks

QuickBooks Set-up –
We will help you set up your QuickBooks file so your accountant can prepare taxes properly and you can use it to make daily business decisions.

QuickBooks Customizing –
Many new clients of AMS Office Solutions actually use QuickBooks quite well. The problem they experience is that it was designed only for accounting purposes and not for business-decision purposes. We sit down with you and discuss your needs. We then “tweak” the file so your accountant still has the right information, but you do as well!

QuickBooks Troubleshooting –
Sometimes the file just has problems! We work with you on resolving these issues. Common problems include bank reconciliations, sales tax, payroll tax, or a/r or a/p problems. We will fix them for you or teach you how to fix them and also teach you how to work the file properly in the future.

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