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Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft has been the number one complaint filed with the FTC for 15 years.  The latest report from the Identity Theft Resource Center shows that there have been 466 data breaches from January to June of 2015.  In this six month period 139,265,185 records have been affected – that are known!  Identity theft protection is confusing.  What needs protecting?  How can it be protected?  What needs to be done if there is a problem?

What information needs to be protected?

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Bank accounts
Credit card accounts
Loan accounts
Social Security numbers
Birth Date
Medical Identity
Drivers License
Web Persona
Tax Returns
Email Addresses
Phone Numbers

How can it be protected?

Checking your credit report is great start. It also helps to look at your accounts on a regular basis. Form strong passwords. Be careful sharing personal information. Be careful on social media. The problem is no matter how careful we are, our information is “out there”. We have given personal information to our schools, our doctors, our banks, our mortgage companies, our credit card companies, our utility companies, and the list goes on! No matter how careful we are, we have no control over others! We need to have someone who is qualified in all these areas to watch over it for us. Who does AMS Office Solutions recommend? You can sign up on the website or call 815-768-6163 for more information. We can also help you extend this service to your employees through payroll deduct programs!

But what if my identity is compromised?

Identity theft resolution can take hours to repair. Sometimes you think it has been resolved only to pop up months or years later. You can go to the FTC and print out a list of what you need to do. Many services will “help” you. Why not have the experts fix it for you?


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